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Line of Business Applications and Integration Services
Serving Greater Boston and New Hampshire

We Do

Gordon business systems develops and integrates software systems that support internal business operations. This is generally "everything you can think of except accounting", though we've done that, too.

If you have legacy processes and systems that no longer work at the scale they need to, we specialize in translating these to professional, high-quality applications that do everything the old processes did, but with greater power, reliability, and efficiency.

We use nothing proprietary: our systems are designed with vanilla, industry-standard technology in a way that maximizes openness and flexibility, so that they can be maintained and changed by anyone, not just us.

Why We Are

We are Specialists

We develop real applications, not just mobile and web apps. And these are almost never integrated with social media or designed for touchscreens: they're designed to help people perform actual work, using laptops and PC's.

We are Experienced

We have broad experience in both public and private industries, delivering systems that have served a wide variety of needs:

  • Accounts Receivable / Accounts Payable
  • Badging / Physical Access Control (Aeronautics)
  • Bill of Materials (Manufacturing)
  • Cost Benefit Analysis (Medical)
  • Case Management (Law)
  • Customer Relationship Management (Marketing, Medical)
  • Estimation / Job Costing (Manufacturing)
  • Inventory Control (Manufacturing)
  • Labor Management & Timesheets
  • Licensing (Medical)
  • Materials Requirement Planning (Engineering)
  • Maintenance Logging (Aeronautics)
  • Project Management (Engineering)
  • Requisitioning / Purchase Orders
  • Sales Orders
  • Shop Floor Control (Manufacturing)
  • Solid Modeling Integration (Engineering)
  • Student Progress Monitoring
  • Student Loan Management
  • Video Processing (Industrial VR)
  • Wealth Management (Banking)

We are not Large

We produce the same quality as big-name vendors, but without the astronomical expense. Being smaller, our goal is not to maximize billable hours, but to deliver working product at a fixed price.

We are Local

Our service's value comes from work and communication that's performed on-site, so we only serve businesses within 60 miles of Boston, a radius roughly defined by Portsmouth, Manchester, Worcester, and Providence. Our team members work directly with same employees whose needs they have been asked to satisfy. This facilitates the creation of relationships between developers and users that are critical to producing quality.

Our Culture

Like many of the mid-size businesses we serve, we celebrate the enrichment that comes from wearing many hats: our developers learn how to do everything involved with delivering applications, not just program. Variety builds talent, insight and perspective, and increases job satisfaction and pride of workmanship.

We'd love to talk with you in person - call us for a free consultation.