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Paul Gordon, founder of Gordon Business Systems

About Our Business

We're located on the Massachusetts North Shore in beautiful Amesbury. Gordon Business Systems is a reformation of Grailtek, LLC, founded in Boston in 2007, which has done extensive work for private business, including aeronautics, insurance, medicine, law, and manufacturing, and for the public sector, including the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine, the Department of Insurance, the Department of Banks, the Office of Consumer Affairs, and the Department of Transportation.

About the Founder

Gordon Business Systems was founded by Paul Gordon, an ERP systems developer who started his career as a mechanical engineer.

"At my first job, I transitioned a mid-sized multinational manufacturer from paper to electronic operations."

Paul Gordon, founder of Gordon Business Systems

My first task as a design engineer was to help move my engineering department from AutoCAD to a 3D solid-modeling package. We had many large, customizable assemblies with thousands of parts - some of these machines were the size of small buildings - and it became clear fairly quickly that we needed an application with a database to manage them. Not having many particularly good options, I ended up writing one myself.

At the time we were still running the business with paper - purchase order hardcopies were being circulated around various departments in octuplicate. So soon everyone started asking to have features added to this application which was only supposed to be for engineering. Not really knowing what I was getting into, I worked to give people what they wanted. And the more requests I fulfilled, the more I got. Three locations, fourteen departments, hundreds of reports, thousands of features, and two years later, I'd written a fully-fledged ERP system, almost by accident. And it became so successful, it allowed us to dump a failing ERP system at another site.

I completed this unthinkably large task not just because of the great faith my managers had in me ("you're from MIT, you can do anything"), but because I found the work deeply satisfying. In spite of being salaried, I labored through weekends and into nights. It filled me with a sense of fulfillment and purpose, to see the fruits of my labor having a direct impact on the efficiency of the entire company, and making the lives of my coworkers easier. I knew long before I was finished that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Later I discovered that learning software development in this way is extremely rare, most programmers don't get to do to all the other tasks involved with application development at scale: planning, requirements-gathering, deployment, change requests, documentation, training, user support. It was the broadness of this experience, and the connection I found to people through my work, that became the foundation of my insights into business system development, and the success of Gordon Business Systems.